The cottage is located in the neighbourhood of Itxaspe, 5 min from Deba municipality. It is an enviable geographic point to know the whole Basque Country.

Approximate journey times to county towns in Basque Country:

Hiking. GR-121

For those keen on hiking, there is an area in the surroundings declared biotope.

That's the GR-121 route in its stage between Zumaia and Deba, a journey of approximately 4 hours with different landscapes and high geological values.

Geology. Cliffs. Flysch

By a 2 Km. walk on a privileged environment combining sea and mountains you can reach Flysch, some spectacular cliffs hiding a singular natural treasure. Millions of years of geological history written on subsequent rocky strata that came to light owing to continuous sea action.

Sea. Beaches

Spread between Deba and Mutriku localities we can find about ten beaches where you can take a sunbath and practice nautical sports (surf, bodyboard...).

Those very fond of isolated places can visit Sakoneta wild beach.

Sanctuaries. Monuments.

1 Km from the cottage you can find Itziar Sanctuary, a very ancient temple reformed in the 16th century where a 13th century image from Itziar Virgin is conserved.

In Deba, 5 min from the country house, you can visit the Church of Santa Maria declared National Monument.

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